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Anecdote Media is VISUAL CONTENT PRODUCTION company that was founded to express innate love and passion for MOTION PICTURES & STORYTELLING.

We bring together creative thinking and production expertise to AMPLIFY BRANDS AND THEIR STORIES. How do we do it ? We blend our editorial content and brand’s advertising content in such a way that the LINE BETWEEN ENTERTAINMENT AND ADVERTISING IS BLURRED.

Our aim is to tell stories that are seen and felt like a rare piece of art that becomes a collector’s item, to showcase magical tales that not just influence people’s lives but transform them. That is the power of true storytelling; the one that leaves you spellbound making those minutes of your precious time an experience.

We HUMANIZE YOUR BUSINESS by connecting to viewers emotionally and strengthen your brand voice. With our content audience don’t feel they are being marketed to, but in fact simply adding value to their lives. Think of us as a creative extension of your team who can make that TROJAN HORSE YOU NEED TO GET THAT MESSAGE ACROSS. You know your business, we know content.

Live Action Videos

Why invest time and money into something with no entertainment value?

Marketers who use videos grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

Video boosts traffic from search engine 157% than those who don’t.

Landing page with videos increase conversion rate by 80%.

Videoin email increase clickthrough rates 200%-300%.

Users spend 88% more time on website with video.

73% of B2B marketers reports positive video ROI.

Animated Storytelling

Would you like to transform your complex idea into a fast and easy message to your target audience ?

Explainer Video

Convert more leads with these short animated videos that explain a product or services

Animated Video Series

A series of videos with a common theme or goal

Educational Video

Position your brand as an expert in the industry while driving organic views

Tutorial/ How to Videos

Show how your product or services work and build trust and build trust towards your product

Commercial Ads

Show animated video ads to generate brand awareness and more leads

Internal Videos

Transform the way you comminucate with your team

Graphics & Illustrations

Would you like to transform your complex idea into a fast and easy message to your target audience?

Social Media Graphics

Show your online audience why they should choose you.


A smart way to tell your story AND educate your audience!


Convert infographics into live motion images that WOW audiences.

Customized Gifs

Get people smiling (and buying) with moving gifs that are your own.

Illustration Design

Forget stock images. Make your brand your own.

Branded Comics

Content Marketing with a sense of humour & emotion.

Data Visualization & Storytelling

Why Data Visualization?

Humans process visuals far faster than text ! Tell your brand story and help your audience understand your data through attractive visualizations.


The concept involves using video games to advertize your services and products, getting audiences involved in and excited about your brand. Advergames is a smart way to make consumers reimagine advertising – they won’t even know they’re being advertised to.

Advanced Graphic Customization

Easy Integration

Popular Game Concepts

Quality Gameplay

HTML5 Technology

Cross Platform

Branding & Cobranding

White Label


The most competitive offer in the market

Queries? Concerns ?

We are all ears.


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