Over 87 percent of marketing professionals use video as the major marketing tool and for a very good reason–videos are consumers’ favourite type of content to see from brands. Videos are also been able to help companies get 66% more leads every year.

For businesses, that means, if they are still not leveraging the power of video marketing, then they are effectively losing customers to their competitors.

But where to begin your video marketing efforts? Start by weighing your different options and decide between the two most popular video types — Live action videos and animated videos. In this article, we will be comparing the two to help you choose the best option.

What are live action videos?

Live action videos involve real people, products and places. The human factor in these videos is what makes them stand out. But of course, it’s not just about filming someone with a camera, the post-processing and editing of these videos can make all the difference. Live action videos are more suitable for handling client testimonials or to put your product in the limelight.


The benefits of live action videos include:

  • You are able to add a human touch to your videos through the presence of real human faces. The reliable and authoritative tone also makes the videos more relatable to the viewers
  • You are able to clearly show how a product or process works in real life
  • Live action videos have a faster turnaround time as they have a shorter post production and editing duration as compared to animated videos
  • It is much easier to incorporate the right tone in live action videos, especially when you want to talk about serious issues


There are also some downsides to live action videos:

  • With a separate location, cast, cameraman, and staff, it can get rather expensive to shoot live action videos
  • It can be incredibly time consuming if you realise in post production that you have shot something wrong or you need to add something else to the videos
  • Adding special effects of any kind aren’t just expensive in live action videos, but they can take a long time as well

What are animated videos?

Animated videos use illustrations, sketches, and drawings that are showcased in a series of frames to induce movements. Since they are created from imagination, you can essentially develop any kind of videos with any kind of effects that you would want.


The benefits of animated videos include:

  • No matter what kind of videos you want to create, you can develop innovative animated videos that fit your vision perfectly
  • Since you have complete creative control over the animated video, it is easy to make any last-minute minor or major changes to the videos.
  • Animated videos are perfect for simplifying complex ideas
  • As compared to live action videos, animated videos are more affordable


There are also some disadvantages of animated videos that you should know about:

  • Since animated videos have to be built from scratch through a specialised software from conception to final delivery, they require a longer production time than live action videos
  • You require specialised training and access to the right software. Although, you can easily get through this problem by hiring experts who know how to develop animated videos


Live action videos vs animated videos: What to choose

The right answer depends on your target audience and requirements. Both live action videos and animated videos can be used for different purposes. Having said that, there is a range of factors that you should consider in order to decide what type of video you want to make.

  • The objective of your video content
  • Your target audience and their preference
  • The message that you want to convey in the video
  • Your brand’s identity and culture

You should also remember that you can incorporate them both in the same video as well to get the best of both worlds. For instance, live-action videos can help you demonstrate a tangible product or service that your company offers.

Similarly, animation videos can be helpful in visualizing abstract concepts like cloud or big data.


Final words

Choosing between live-action and animated videos can seem confusing, but it all really comes down to your main goal with the video. The right decision can lead to great results, while the wrong decision may put all of your investments down the drain.

At Anecdote Media, we help businesses understand their marketing goals and create the right kind of videos that can get their customers excited and improve engagement. Reach out to us today to know how we can take your business’s video marketing to the next level.